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  1. Hi Michael. I’ve just started on Argosy Booksellers myself. Beyond the challenges you noted, the only “instructions” (I use the term loosely), is one sheet of paper with images on both sides. The copy quality is something so poor, I’ve not seen such in many many years. All that said, I’m figuring it out OK. I have a totally unrelated question for you. In your March Update, the last photo, captioned “Sitting in place…” shows a few more buildings to the left. They look in the 6 – 7 inch or so height I like and wondering if you could tell me what kits they are? Thank you!

    1. Hi Dan, stick with the Argosy Booksellers kit. Finished, it’s a great structure. To answer you question, the two structures are old Walthers Gold Ribbon Series kits. The corner building is “The Daily Examiner” #933-3616 and the other is “All Needs Insurance” #933-3617. They are the same height as Argosy Booksellers. The are discontinued, but you may be able to find them around. Happy to answer any questions, anytime. Thanks for following along.

  2. THANK YOU! And I did realize later that the “March Update” I was looking at was 2016! LOL Goto you on an Argosy Booksellers search. I have gotten the Argosy walls together though I’ve never seen so much flash or done so much filing. Anyway it looks good so far. Window trimmings next, then the walls go together. I’ll look around for those other buildings. Thanks again. Dan

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