Freight Car Friday #8…

This week I wasn’t able to complete any cars for the layout but I was able to complete some loads for the intermodal cars. I came across four American Limited Models Bulktainers that I had sitting around.

These were 20 ft. tanks used for shipping liquids on intermodal cars. A search on the web will show a variety of such tanks. These make a great addition to the container fleet.

The kits themselves are pretty simple, with a piece count that is relatively low. There is the tank, two ends, a walkway for the top of the car, and an accessory sprue that has a ladder, placards and valves. In addition there is a piece to help align the ends so that the finished tank sits flat. And a decal sheet.

The first step is the ends. They go on with very little clean up and attach easily. The next step is the decals as they need to go on before the upper walkway.

Bulktainers awaiting decals.

One other thing I did before starting the decals was to paint the raised edges on the ends of the tank. As you can see in the photo the end decals are white with a silver border. I didn’t want to try and get these to snug down properly with the raised edge.

Decals for the Bulktainers.
Painted the raised rivets sections silver.
Alternate end of container with paint applied. Yes, I cleaned up the over painted areas.

So I carefully trimmed them down to just the white portion of the decal so they would properly sit within the raised portion.

End decals. Will remove the silver border sections to make application easier.
One decal trimmed of the silver section.

As you will note in the first photo are the black bands for the tank. There is a placement gauge in the instructions for there location on the tank. This is the most time consuming part of the build. Keeping them straight and in alignment is a bit tedious and I know other modelers that have just left them off. With them in place you then add the “BulkTainer” decals over them. The other dimensional/capacity decals then go on.

After the decals are in place and dry (I used solveset to set them, then waited overnight) it’s just a matter of adding the end ladder, placards and valve to the ends.

And BOOM!, just like that they are done..

Like I said they make a great addition and add variety to a container train. Though these are no longer available from American Limited, I have seen them readily available in the hobby stores and may pick up a couple more.

The prodigal well unit returns.

Additionally while searching for unbuilt/unfinished kits on the shelves I came across a Athearn BB diesel engine box in the middle of freight car boxes. Thinking it odd I popped it open and low and behold there it was. One of the reasons I probably missed it before was because as well as the car there were a couple of containers and a bunch of stick on weights. The heft of the box would lead one to believe that there was an engine in the box.

The missing well car unit.
Missing well car unit and it’s company in the wrong box.

With it located I can now finish it off and complete the five unit set.

That’s it for this week, as promised up next is running the wiring for the lights in Addison. And all the drama that was involved.

Stay safe and we’ll see you next week…

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