1 year old today…

This will be quick as I really don’t have anything to report on. The reason for this post is that this site is one year old today.

By the numbers I’m happy with what I have (just over 2000 visits ) however, the number of comments are a little on the light side. If you stop by don’t be afraid to say something. Positive comments are always welcome, but I’m a big boy and can handle a little criticism. Of coarse when you start something like this you hope for tons of people to stop by, but I imagine as I get further along and have more interesting things to talk about and show, the numbers will pick up. I mean after all, how many times do you want to hear about bench work construction and cabinets.

Having said that though, it was important for me to get them done as I can get easily distracted and start working on a myriad of other things. I quite honestly have had to stop myself from going “great, now I have some benchwork done, I should lay some track. And then, well the track is in I should add scenery.” And on and on and on…

Soon I have eight feet of layout detailed with scenery, but really no where to run a train. Been there, done that. So then you finish another eight feet, but still can only run something back and forth. Soon the whole project looks unobtainable, as I think I have to have everything completed to this degree. Though for you out there my progression is a little boring, but for me it has been for the best. So please hang in there, things will become more interesting and I believe it will happen soon.

And again, thanks for stopping by, I do truly appreciate it.

And to me, Happy Anniversary.

Until later, Happy Railroading…

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