Early November Update.

Though I have made progress, it isn’t technically with the layout. As I have been building the cabinets and benchwork and slowly getting all the “stuff” stored away underneath, there have been some items that just weren’t going to fit underneath. These items have been slowly pushed to the end of the layout room waiting to go somewhere.

As they were in the way of the peninsula end construction, that day has now come.

I will be spending this weekend reconfiguringĀ our store room to more efficiently use the space so that I can get these last few large items out of my way. Once that is done I will have the last section of the basement freed up for construction of the peninsula end. I have already got some of it put away and uncovered floor space that I haven’t seen in about 8 months. With the last of it gone I will be able to move forward as there won’t be anything in the way.

I should have progress to report and pictures to prove it by mid week.

Again, stay tuned and thank you for your patience.

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