Twin City Model Railroad Museum pt. 2…

This is an update to my Twin City Model Railroad Museum post from last October. As I had talked about in the post, the Twin City Model Railroad Museum had to vacate it’s space in Bandana Square because of a financial situation with the landlord. At that time they weren’t sure if they had anywhere to go or if they would simply cease to exist after 81 years.

Good News, the museum group has secured a new home and are already planning their move. Their new home is at: 652 Transfer Road in St. Paul, near what was the former Amtrack Station ( Amtrack has moved to the restored St. Paul Union Depot, where the club was originally located). They are already planning their move starting in March, with what they hope will be a grand opening in late spring. Pretty grand plans considering the size of the layout they have to move. And yes, I plan on being there when they open.

When the public heard of their situation, there was an outpouring of support for the club and they were able to raise $70,000 to help in securing the new location and finance the move. If you would like to help (and no, I am not affiliated with the group in anyway), you can check out their web site @ Twin city Model Railroad Museum ( I am sure they would appreciate the support.

As I had said, I was sad that I would not be able to share this with my grandson. I am happy that now I will, but I am happier that others will be able to experience a great model railroad and perhaps become involved in the hobby as well.

A Great Day, Happy Railroading…


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