Twin City Model Railroad Museum Pt.3…

A year ago I wrote that the Twin City Model Railroad Museum had found new space and was raising money in preparation for a move. Over the New Years weekend my wife and I stopped by their new space to see how they were doing.

I’m happy to report that they have successfully completed their move. In fact, they not only have managed to move their old layout and have it up and running, they also have added about a half dozen other smaller layouts for display and for children to interact with.

In addition, they have several display cases showing different scales or a variety of type of trains. Also, they have display boards explaining scale, types of trains and what the plan is for the space.

As far as the space goes, right now it’s one big space with a hodge-podge  of layouts and displays. They did have a floor plan of what the finished plan is, I didn’t get a picture of this, and some conceptual art of the space –

Concept art of what the future holds for the museum.

There will be a real railroad feel to the space, with false walls dividing the different areas. Another thing I didn’t take a picture of was an elevated space for the operators of the main O Gauge layout. When finished, it will look like a switch tower.

Here are 3 pictures of what greets you now when you walk in:

Part 1 of three shot pan of the new space.
Part 2
And, part 3

Some of the display layouts:

Marklin layout on display. Has buttons (to the far right in the photo) so that kids can make the trains go.
One of several small display layouts on hand.

Some of the display layouts were supplied by other local clubs.

They also have a large children’s area with interactive layouts. Some being hands on and some have push and hold buttons to make the trains go and other things to move. And of course as you will see in one picture, if you have small children, you’re going to have to rerail things.

View of the kids area.
Another of the interactive layouts aimed at kids,

And the afore mentioned display cases / boards –

Another of the multiple display cases on hand.
A Hornby display case.

They still have along ways to go to get where they want to be. The main layout alone, though up and running, has no backdrop and big holes and gaps in the scenery where it was taken apart and put back together. Add to that all the walls and railroady structures they want to add ambiance, and you know they have some work ahead of them.

Having said all that, it’s still worth a stop by if you are in the area. Their new address is:

Twin City Model Railroad Museum, 668 Transfer Road #8, St. Paul MN.

New entrance to the Twin City Model Railroad Museum @ 668 Transfer Road #8, St. Paul, MN.

Stay tuned, I will have an update of what I’ve gotten done in the last month very soon. Till then, Happy Railroading…




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