More Backdrop Work…

In keeping with the theme of getting the backdrop scenes done, I completed the area between the large elevator on the backdrop and the main road thru Jackson. This strip includes the two apartment buildings and three commercial buildings.

Row of backdrop buildings awaiting scenery.

In the foreground in this strip is the smaller grain elevator and the feed mill. In the photo above the feed mill has been removed to make access to the background easier. Additionally I have ordered a Roomettes Lighting interior for the feed mill.

My thoughts for the background scene were simple. Several trees by the apartments and a fence running behind them. The commercial buildings would have some trash by their back doors. Additionally I added a couple of backdrop buildings cut from a sheet of Walther’s Insta Buildings Main Street Stores.  These were placed in the gaps between the apartment buildings and the commercial buildings.

The first step was drilling the holes for the fence posts. I wanted to get these done before putting the grass in. First I measured out how much fence I needed, cut it and taped it down to the work bench. I then laid a piece of masking tape down by it and marked the post locations. The tape was then transferred to the layout and I drilled the holes.

Drilling the post holes for the fence behind the apartment buildings.

After the holes were drilled I started with the basic grass. With the grass in, I then added static grass to the area between the tracks and the fence as well as behind the commercial buildings. This was my second attempt with static grass, the first did not go well. I believe what I did the first time was hold the applicator too high so that the grass laid down when it hit the ground. Keeping that in mind I tried to get the applicator as close the the ground as possible. Being close to the buildings this was a little difficult. But it did turn out better than the first attempt.

With all the grass in I then added the fence followed by some scrub shrubbery. I also added the trees to the areas between the buildings.

Long shot of the apartment buildings with finished scenery.
The finished scenery behind the apartment buildings.

I then directed my attention to the commercial buildings. I added some shrubbery and the trash piles.

The trash behind the retail stores.

The whole scene turned out rather well and I’m happy with it. I will add the ballast after all the scenery is in.

With this area done it’s on to the next. This section is from main street to the beginning of the peninsula.

The last five feet of Jackson that will get its scenery.

This will include both the background as well as foreground scenery.

Till next time, Happy Modelling…


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