Happy 4th of July…

Happy 4th of July, and to my Canadian counterparts a belated Happy Canada Day (July 1st).

Looking back I can’t believe that the last time I posted was Memorial Day. The time has flown by with summer under way and work has been absolutely crazy busy. Can’t complain, without the work the rest wouldn’t be possible.

Haven’t really gotten anything done that’s worth a post on it’s own and what did get done is bits and pieces. But here goes…

First up – last I left you I had started on the upper valance and had run out of pocket hole screws. Well, I got more screws but didn’t have any real time. I did get four more supports up, but in order to do that I had to take off the backdrop to lower the horizontal brace before mounting the supports. After they were in place I then had to cut slots in the backdrop. I still have one more section of backdrop that will have to under go this process. Not much, but here it is:

Working on the upper valance.
Working on the upper valance.

Second – when I have had a little time I’ve been working on the manufacturing backdrop building. I opened up the dock doors and added a floor. Also installed lights. What’s left, detailing the loading dock, the roof detail and weathering.

Manufacturing building, almost done.
Manufacturing building, almost done.

For Father’s Day my wife got me something I wanted, but certainly didn’t need. I am now the proud owner of a MTH DM&IR  2-8-8-4 Yellowstone. To be specific, number 229. I had hoped to post it on Father’s Day but I couldn’t find the picture I have of the actual 229 that’s on display in Two Harbors with my 3 kids sitting on the front of it.

Father's Day gift from my wife.
Father’s Day gift from my wife.

Lastly, I will admit that there was quite a bit of non work time available, but my wife found a way of filling that. With two weeks to go till Father’s day she mentioned that she would like a “picnic” table for the deck that could seat everyone. Not thinking I said it would be quicker to buy one. Yup, got the look. I should have known better. What she meant was an Outdoor Dining Table, with a bench built along the railing side. So I had to design and build the table and bench. I will admit that the end results turned out pretty nice.

As they say, for your consideration:

Where my railroad time went.
Where my railroad time went.

The work schedule is only going to pick up till mid August, but I should have time to get some stuff downstairs. I will keep you posted and hopefully before the next holiday.

Enjoy your summer and Happy Railroading…





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