Nothing accomplished.

Sorry to report , there has been nothing accomplished. I know in my last post I said that I was going to bite the bullet, fire up the garage heater and press ahead with the cabinet work for the end of the peninsula. However it got cold here, and not just cold, but dead of winter cold. After a day of work I just wasn’t up to trying to get the garage up to a temp that was acceptable to work in. Temps in Minnesota have been bouncing around in the single digits.

Even though the  temps have rebounded rather nicely  “the powers that be” have us getting ready to host the family for Thanksgiving. As much as I would to be working on finishing the benchwork, getting together with family truly is important. I do look forward to having everyone over –  the in-laws, the kids and the grandkids – there is nothing better. If I can find some time I will try to get some work done, but I doubt that I will. After the Thanksgiving  holiday my schedule opens up a bit.

So again I’m sorry, but I would like to wish everyone a “Happy Thanksgiving”.

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