An Apology or Two…

I would like to offer an apology or two. First is the length of time since the last time I sat down and updated this site. I would like to say that because of the number of natural disasters that have occurred here in the last month I haven’t been able to write anything. Or because of the zombie apocalypse and all that it entails, I haven’t been able to write. The truth is that yes, the work travel schedule has been something, home 1 week, gone the next and rinse and repeat. I have managed to get quite a bit done downstairs. It’s just that  I get to the end of the day and figure I’ll write the next night. And then I don’t.

Like I said though, I’ve gotten quite a bit done and will start updating real quick.

The second thing I would like to apologize for is the appearance of the site, specifically the sideways photos that have been in several posts.

I didn’t even realize it was happening until a recent trip. I had meant to log in to the backend of the site but ended up signing onto the actual site. Since I was there I figured I would read through the site as you see it. That’s when I came across several photos that were sideways.

This is because I have always viewed the site through the backend or admin side of the site.

I had taken the photos vertically, but as you know the camera records them horizontally. When I download them from the camera, the computer automatically flips them back to vertical. I then move the pictures from my computer to the server hosting the site. Every once and awhile they will show up there back in a horizontal state. I will flip them back to vertical and save them that way. They are then inserted into a post and before I publish I will preview the post (the way you see it) to make sure everything reads and looks well.

Everything was right, including pictures, when I did this. In fact when I saw the problem I logged into the admin side to correct them but there they were in the correct orientation from the admin point of view. I have chatted with WordPress and the web hosting service but they’re not sure why this has happened.

I have replaced the photos that I could with ones I retook horizontally, as pictures still seem to orientate themselves to horizontal no matter what. The few that I can’t retake, I have left until I figure this out and get them right.

I realize there are larger problems in the world then this, but this really bugs the OCD side of me.

Like I said I will have updates real soon on what’s been happening and sorry about how long it’s been since I said hello.

Till later (but not to long), Happy Railroading…



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