On The Workbench #5…

For this edition of “On The Workbench” I’m not so much covering what’s happening on the workbench as much as what is happening with the workbench.

For Christmas one of my kids got me a bench top paint rack. Anyone who had seen my workbench would know that I needed one as the paint jars were kind of all over the place. I just didn’t realize that they had been down there and had paid attention to the mess.

Anyways the paint rack needed assembly and had ended up in the to-do pile. Bored, I was looking for something to do and figured I would put it together and see how useful it would be. I don’t know where they got it from, who was the manufacturer or even what country it was from. My guess would be Eastern Europe somewhere and the translation to English was horrendous. Luckily there were pictures and the overall kit was pretty simple and straight forward. Some carpenters glue, masking tape and a couple of clamps and it went together rather well. I don’t have any pictures of it going together.

As every modeler will tell you, no matter how big your workbench is you only ever seem to have 1 to 1 1/2 square feet to work on. In my case my workbench is 2′ x 8′, but I still only have 1sf to work on and the paint rack ended drying on the layout benchwork. Which meant if I wanted to get the paint rack on the bench I was going to have to do some cleaning.

The picture below is a bit misleading as I had done a bunch of cleaning beforeĀ I took the picture.

Workbench before the purge. This was what I considered extremely cleaned up at the time.
View from the other angle.

So I attacked the workbench. I threw out anything that wasn’t needed or was old. A lot of paint went this way.

By the time I got done there wasn’t a whole lot left on top of the bench. Kind of the point I guess.

The work bench now.
From the other way.

And the paint rack that started it all.

The new paint rack, the reason for the clean up.

It’s a nice little paint rack and getting everything else cleaned up because of it was really nice. Now we’ll see if I can keep it that way.

Next time, more little projects that got done.

Till then, Happy Railroading…


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