Where I’ve been and what’s ahead…

Wow, it’s been awhile. Six months since I last checked in with you. When I last left you at the end of September I was getting ready for the companies semi-annual trade show in New York. This happened in early October. Then, for a couple weeks after is always the follow up work from it. Which then brings us to early November and the prospect of getting ready for the holidays.

At the same time were rumblings from the company of a tightening financial situation. Which dogged us thru the first of the year. On January second my wife and I were released from the company. She found a new job rather quickly and I decided to go back to school so as to diversify our income stream.

And then the current situation hit the world.  She’s still working and obviously I’m not attending school.

Now that’s not to say I didn’t get anything done on the layout. I would pop down there as time permitted if for no other reason then to take my mind of things.

And now that Covid-19 has us all staying at home, I seem to have nothing but time. So in the next little bit I will work on getting you all caught up on what I’ve gotten done downstairs.

Of course my wife has also noticed that I have nothing but time and the Honey-Do list is growing.

See you soon…


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