More Scenery Work…

One of the projects over the summer was getting a little more of the scenery in. Though not an extension of the area I had started with. The reason for this is a bit convoluted.

My wife’s family decided last spring to have a family reunion in the Twin Cities. My wife volunteered to have not only the welcome to town dinner on Friday night. But also the farewell brunch on Sunday. Which meant we were having between 40 and 50 people through the house. Twice.

Wanting to put my best foot forward and make the layout attractive from the family room, I figured I would do the end of the peninsula around to the town of Addison (formerly the town of Brandon).

Once again what was the view from the family room.

View of the layout and cabinets from the lower level Family Room, this is why my wife wanted the doors on.

The scenery process was pretty basic, except I did use foam for the base. Would I do it again? Not sure, I know a lot of people love the stuff, But it’s got it’s pros and cons. The process was foam, roads put in, plaster cloth, final coat of plaster and then first pass of scenery.

The sequence in photos:

Fitting the foam in place at end of peninsula
Working around to the farm.
Trial building placement.
Next, putting the roads in place.
Road base in place and ditches carved.
Then, the plaster cloth.
Plaster cloth at the farm.
Gluing the final road in place.
Looking at the end of the peninsula. Farm on the right and the drive in on the left.
The family farm outside of Addison on the end of the peninsula.
The elevator complex at the south end of Addison.

Also forgot to mention that I tried my hand at backdrop painting again. You can mainly see it behind the farm. I think it turned fairly well for a first pass and trying to get it done in a limited time.

And the work all payed off. People walking by the steps saw the layout and asked to see it. I had a couple of trains orbiting the layout so there was motion. Though there were no model railroaders in her family (I know, what the heck!), everyone seemed to understand the work that went into it and appreciated it.

And yes, it was a proud moment for me. Maybe more so then when fellow modelers are over, because it was all new and amazing, Whereas the modelers are sometimes ho-hum or a little nit picky critical.

Oh well, till next time…


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