Danny, This One is for You…

About a week ago, I was contacted by a gentleman who was building a Quality Craft Model of the GATX #96500 whale belly tank car. He was having trouble deciphering the drawings/instructions for mounting the bolsters to the tank. He asked for some pictures of the bolsters. I have tried emailing these to him but have had the emails returned.

So, Danny, if you stop by again here are the photos that you requested. I will try again to email them to you also.

GATX 96500 bolster detail 1.
GATX 96500 bolster detail 2.
GATX 96500 bolster detail 3.
GATX 96500 bolster detail 4.
GATX 96500 truck detail.

And to everyone else. If you have questions, need clarification, additional photos or my opinion on something, I”l be happy to help you out.

Till later…


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