The Trains Are Running…

Yes, that’s right, the trains are running. Actually, they were running shortly after we got back from Milwaukee. However, I’ve been banging my head against the desk for the last week trying to upload pictures of the historic event to my website to no avail. I also shot a short video so that you could actually see it, but the file was too big to upload even if I could. If you want to see it, it’s available at my instagram account, same name.

As I left it several posts ago, I had wired the feeders and pulled them to the front. As I started wiring them to the buss wires, I was thankful that I had drilled all the holes for the wiring. The buss wires were perfectly located for soldering the feeders. It was a little dark under the edge until I realized that instead of just working around the rope light that installed for aisle lighting, I could plug them in and behold, a well lit space that made it easy.

After they were all wired, I cleaned all the tracks with a brite boy and was ready to roll. Then I realized that my DCC station was at the end of the stretch that I had wired and I would be unable to follow the train. So I temporarily mounted several UP-5 panels along the front, got them hooked up and THEN I was ready to roll.

I dug out a BLI 2-6-6-2 locomotive, why, it’s an articulated locomotive and it had sound. Got it on the tracks, turned on the power to the DCC system and stared at the throttle. Yup, it took me a few seconds to remember how to power everything up. But when I did and heard the sound come up on the engine, I was pretty sure you could hear a chorus of angels. It was a glorious moment. Turning the knob, the engine started moving and no, there is not a downside coming. Everything ran perfect. I added a dozen boxcars behind it and ran it back and forth over the twenty feet of track without any problems. Yay.

So there you have it, the trains are now running.

Now to complete the reverse loop and I can double the length of a run ( yes, I picked up the AR-1). Then get the tracks laid up to the New Brighton yard. I also now have the sheets for the yard, so that can be started too.

Hopefully I’ll get the picture problem worked out before next time.

Till then, Happy Railroading…

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