Workshop Wednesday…

Welcome to Workshop Wednesday. I know that the prevailing trend is for a Wordless Wednesday, but I don’t have  a bunch of cool or thought provoking pictures on hand for this. If you can’t get your head wrapped around this skip the text and just look at the pictures.

So I decided to go in a different direction. My first project for this was a new way to handle all my wire for projects. What my solution for this was  DIY cart that mimics those used by commercial electricians. So the design isn’t anything new, just something I could make with materials on hand.

In the past I used a three tier cart from Ikea ( that I had mentioned in a previous post. Great for holding everything, but not when you needed to actually pull wire. I had to find a way to hold the wire so it would unroll as I pulled it through the benchwork. Plus I had a couple of big rolls of flat phone cable for DCC wiring that wouldn’t fit on the smaller cart.

So working from memory I made my own wire cart from scrap material. The only thing I had to buy were the rubber coated casters. I wanted the rubber ones so that they wouldn’t mar the floor and the cart wouldn’t move when pulling wire.

So this is what I had:

The old electrical Cart.
And more wire that didn’t fit on the cart.

This is the new cart:

The new electrical cart.

And this is it loaded up:

With the wire loaded on it.
The other side and a view of the top tray.

As you can see I have enough room for everything on hand, plus room for more. Plus, the tray on top is larger then what I had with the Ikea cart. One thing I will probably do is somehow fasten the soldering iron base so that it stops tipping over whenever I pull the iron from it.

Pulling wire for whatever project I was working on was never something I looked forward to. But now I’m actually looking forward to it . And I do have a couple of them coming up.

Have a great week. Till later…

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