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Wow, it’s already mid August and the list of projects around the house continues to grow. All of which needs to get done before the snow flies here in Minnesota. The good news is that I’ve put all the wood cutting projects on a calendar so that even if I’m not able to actually to get any actual work done on the benchwork, I’ll have everything ready to go even if the weather turns cold.

So with the free time that I’ve had, I decided to start the roundhouse. Probably jumping the gun, with so many other small projects started. But it sounded the like the most fun.

First thing I did was to glue all the base sections together. After I had them glued together, I scribed in concrete panel lines as I doubt anyone would pore one humongous slab.

blog photos 30 001

I kept the them to around 10ft sections, as this seems to be around what is done in the real world. After I had them all scribed I positioned the base on the layout and marked, then cut out the rounded section that intersects the layout edge. I primed and painted the base in a concrete color.

blog photos 30 005

One of the differences between Walther’s roundhouse and their modern roundhouse is that the interior walls are not detailed. The modern roundhouse has brick detail on the interior walls where as the regular roundhouse does not. Since the interior is very visible I had to add interior brick work to the walls.

blog photos 30 007

Once the end wall was done it was off to the races. I glued the end wall into place and the first inner support beam section. Then I glued the front end wall section (the one that supports the doors) and the transom section into place to set the correct spacing. I then added cross bracing that matches the support beams.

blog photos 30 008

Once I finished those I added the end wall, also with brick facing on it. Then it was on to the next section. and so on and so forth.

blog photos 30 011

You will also notice that I removed a little of the brick work around the windows so that the window casting will sit into place.

One other thing I noticed as I was looking at the pictures is that I will need to A: get the backdrop into place and B: put into place any backdrop buildings behind the roundhouse before it goes into place. Because wow, it would suck to try and place them working over this finished scene.

Well that’s what I’ve been up to. I will continue to update as more progress happens. Stay tuned…


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