Workbench Wednesday…

For this first edition of Workbench Wednesday (formally know as “on the workbench”) I will present a couple of of the farm scene kits.

First up is a kit by Monroe Models ( It is their kit #2211, Bob’s Barn. Very simply, loved this kit. The fit was first rate and everything scaled out right. I initially chose this kit because of the footprint size. The width and height were pretty standard when compared to other kits on the market. It was the depth that caught my eye. It was about a third shorter than the others. Which was perfect as the scene isn’t that deep and I would’ve had to shorten it.

All of the trim (corners of the building, window trim, fascia boards, etc. we’re the proper width and gives the building the proper proportion. The white metal castings are pretty flash free and required little cleanup. The instructions are clear and the order of construction seemed reasonable. I did vary as they have you do painting before assembly and I prefer to do it after the walls are together.

When glueing the walls together I added additional bracing on the inside. This was done to combat warping that can result when painting the wood walls. After the walls and roof assembly were glued together, I painted it barn red. Then the trim work was added and painted. When that had dried the peal and stick shingles were added.

Just a side note, I wish / hope that in the future Monroe Models will sell the shingles separately. It would make doing this on scratch built structures faster and easier.

Below is a shot of all the structures together.

The farm scene buildings sans farmhouse

I left the hayloft doors and the side door (out of view) open to add a little interior detail.

The next kit is from Laser Art Structures by Branchline Trains ( 

It is their kit number #651 Outbuildings farm set. There are 5 buildings. A small barn, equipment shed, smokehouse, chicken coop and outhouse. This kit is out of stock everywhere, with no known restock date. Walked into my LHS and he has the entire line in stock including this one that I had been searching everywhere online for. I guess it pays to support the locals before looking elsewhere.

I was a little disappointed with the kit initially. After thinking about it, that was mainly because I had done the other first. The wood for the walls is thicker and the laser detail not as fine. Because of the thicker walls the corner trim is wider. It scales out at about a foot wide. A little wide for corner trim. Also, the window trim is about as wide, definitely too wide for window trim. And the lengths were a bit short. Found myself adding to get things covered.

The kit has black, lightweight construction paper to use as tarpaper roofing. Luckily I had enough shingles leftover from the other to use on most of these buildings. The small barn got the tarpaper roof, which to me didn’t matter as I don’t plan on using it in the scene. Otherwise, the rest got the shingles which ties all the buildings together.

The last is Walther’s Concrete Silo (

It is their kit #3332. Nothing new here, it is their usual high quality and goes together easily.

One thing I still need to find is a proper farmhouse. It’s not that there aren’t any out there, just not what I’m looking for. I’m trying to recreate my grandparents farm on my moms side. The farm my father grew up on was a huge affair and wouldn’t fit the scene. My mothers was much smaller and fits the scene right. To this end I need a smaller house than I’m finding.

All in all, I’m happy with what I have.

Till next time…



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